A new breed of cybersecurity

Athesya has designed its cybersecurity portfolio with end user experience in mind while keeping the complexity in the background to provide highly performing solutions for, among other use cases, your cyber posture audit, infrastructure & networks protection, protecting your data and users, and much more 

Founded by a team of cybersecurity experts at the end of 2020 in Paris, France, Athesya has started its commercial activities in 2022. Created to make cybersecurity available to all, ATHESYA brings a new paradigm to the cyber landscape by unifying solutions to enhance use cases for less than the cost of a coffee per day per user. Athesya has designed its cybersecurity portfolio with end user experience in mind while keeping the complexity in the background to provide highly performing solutions for, among other use cases, your cyber posture audit, infrastructure & networks protection, protecting your data and users, and much more.

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Athesya simplifies cybersecurity solutions to enhance a seamless and transparent delivery of any cyber use case. Hence, companies can easily strengthen their protection against the exponential growth of cyber threats & attacks through Athesya’s services partners.

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Athesya has designed its financial models and pricing with regards to ensure the highest level of affordability anywhere in the world. Our partners – services & resellers - share the same approach to make sure that any company can afford cybersecurity without having to opt for the “residual risk” vs actual protection.

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 Athesya develops and sources ground-breaking cybersecurity solutions exclusively within the E.U. We guarantee no back doors as well as compliance to the strictest data privacy regulation. While sovereign in Europe, we offer our customers the choice of enabling their own sovereignty as per their local regulations and market conditions.

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Unique framework for seamless cybersecurity

THEIA, developed by ATHESYA, streamlines cybersecurity for companies, focusing on their specific vulnerabilities. By using THEIA, companies can easily activate and deliver their unique use cases while also protecting themselves from threats and attacks. THEIA integrates various solutions and modules, ensuring seamless activation and delivery of use cases. This simplifies the process and enhances security, all at a reasonable cost. The development of THEIA is ongoing, with new use cases regularly added.

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Discover some of Theia Logo current use cases

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NIS2 compliance readiness

Starting October 2024, thousands of companies will be subject to NIS2 compliance and will have 3 years to implement the 10 NIS2 pillars. Many are unaware or lack the budget and resources for this. Athesya has created a set of packs to support organisations to get ready for implementing NIS2 regulatory pillars, starting with the evaluation pack and followed by the operational packs. The Evaluation pack provides within a few days a clear analysis of each company's cyber posture, allowing to prioritize the implementation of subsequent use cases. Operational packs are designed to fit all NIS2 requirements while adapted to each type and size of company concerned. Prepare for NIS2 with Athesya packs to enhance resilience affordably! 


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Detect & remediate attacks in real-time seamlessly

Any company of any size can expect to be attacked in the near future. So far, the cost of protection was prohibitive for most entities that would easily decide to take “the residual risk” instead of implementing costly and time-consuming & resources remediation solutions.

Athesya changes this paradigm by providing a state-of-the-art while highly innovative detection & response solution within its THEIA unified cybersecurity framework. Its remediation capabilities makes this solution very easy to manage either in house or through Athesya MSSPs partners.

THEIA XDR module comes at the cost of a coffee per month per user! 

Theua Logo has consolidated on a complete portfolio of cybersecurity solutions

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THEIA keeps evolving with the development of new use cases based on the solutions shown. These solutions are available on standalone deployment when not yet part of THEIA.

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Athesya Logo deepens it's partnership with CYBEX ASSISTANCE with the “olympics cyber pack” 

The 2024 Olympics in Paris are approaching, and any company operating in France could be attacked. During the 2020 Tokyo Games, there were 415 million attacks, not just on the event participants but on the entire country. CYBEX Assistance, an early-stage strategic partner of Athesya, has created a specialized cyber services pack for the Olympic Games. This pack leverages Athesya Audit and Risk-Evaluation platform that includes Cyber Rating Posture Assessment (CRPA), Cyber Forensics & Audit (ACFA), and Mobile Security Platform (MSP). With the Olympics pack, companies can: Anticipate risks by conducting a resilience audit to quickly identify protection needs and implement tools promptly. Rapidly analyze cyber incidents and implement corrective measures within hours or days, rather than weeks or months. 

Thanks to the Olympics pack, companies can:

  • Anticipate their risks by running a resilience audit to quickly assess their needs for protection and implement tools on a constructed and timely manner.
  • Rapidly analyse any cyber incident and implement remediation measures within hours/days not weeks or months. 

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DIOT SIACI subsidiary company leverages Athesya Logo cyber audit for insurance eligibility

Neotech is the cyber insurance arm of DiotSiaci, first European insurance and reinsurance broker on the market. The cyber insurance market is under significant pressure and insurers as well as reinsurers and brokers are in need to evaluate much more accurately the cyber posture of their customers wanting to avail a cyber policy. Neotech has implemented THEAI to run the posture evaluation of each customer on a near to real-time approach allowing a very fast eligibility assessment to both customers and (re)insurers. By leveraging Athesya solutions for cyber audit and compliance purposes, Neotech greatly improves the risk assessment of each of its customers and can therefore propose the right cyber insurance policy at the best price.

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CYBEX ASSISTANCE is a major player for cyber incident response and MSOC in France. added value consists of quickly qualifying the technical situation of an attack, its impact on the information system and on the activity of the victim organization and supporting all stakeholders in crisis management.

The crisis unit includes technical, legal and communications components with a dual objective: to make services quickly operational for users while preserving evidence and investigating responsibilities and the origin of the attack.

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NEOTECH ASSURANCES is an insurance brokerage company dedicated to new technology companies and digital service companies: IT services companies, ESNs, Publishers, Technology Consulting, Web Agency, Merchant Site, e-commerce, host and data center. We are the broker for NUMEUM, the French digital industry union, and NUMEUM Assurances. Neotech Assurances is the broker for innovative companies. 

Neotech is the only broker to offer an insurance offer for innovation and R&D and manages the risks of start-ups and innovations. 

Athesya distributes its solutions through a global network of partners. Our partners are committed to Athesya’ vision to give customers the choice of their sovereignty while providing the best of class of cybersecurity solutions at an affordable cost, following Athesya ”one global price” policy.

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