A New Breed of Cybersecurity Provider

ATHESYA has been created to fill the long existent gaps in the cybersecurity landscape that have slowed down the adoption of highly performing solutions due to the complexity and the cost associated with this type of solutions. These gaps are triggered by a heterogenous market landscape, rendering it difficult for customers to envision a smooth deployment of their cybersecurity strategy.

In designing our solutions’ eco-system, we have ensured that visibility, performance, automation, along with ease of deployment, are at the core of our solutions. This makes it easier for customers to choose and use, while significantly and cost-efficiently increasing the level of security.

ATHESYA has developed a wide range of cybersecurity solutions that address these challenges with an end-to-end spectrum covering networks, infrastructure, assets and end-points protection. The principles of modularity and visibility you find in our solutions are also reflected in our flexible “pay only for what you use” financial models. 

ATHESYA is proud of being the only European provider offering the most extensive and comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions exclusively designed and developed in the region. 

ATHESYA brings you Agile Cybersecurity in the most cost-efficient way.

We believe in CyberSecurity for All

We believe that any company, regardless of size, line of business or budget, should have access to high performance and agile solutions to protect their businesses from attacks and threats. This has to come at a cost-effective price level that can generate the best TCO and ROI.

Our cultural and geographical diversity, blended with our values of respect, excellence and performance, naturally brought us to design and market neutral solutions. Our solutions are developed in Europe and located in certified data centers around the world when delivered over the cloud, while tamper-proof when deployed on premises.

Our global headquarters are located in Paris and our regional HQ in Singapore for APAC. We will soon announce our LATAM HQ location.